A wilderness neighborhood with community, nature and the environment all coming together to live in harmony.

Experience a safe haven of nature and community at The Reserve.

Cottonwood & Spring Creeks

The Reserve is designed around a full mile of Cottonwood Creek offering all residents the year round soothing sounds of a running stream while protecting this watershed. Spring Creek connects four interactive ponds and offers an ideal environment for smaller trout to grow.

Five Miles of Trails

Over five miles of low impact, six foot wide trails along Cottonwood and Spring Creeks, with bridged loops, vividly colored aspens, cottonwoods, pines, wildflowers and a variety of natural foliage. Connecting all homesteads and lots, the community pavilion, playground, gazebos, benches and 1880's cabins.

Four Sustainable Trout Ponds

Whether you fish or simply enjoy the natural splendor that the ponds evoke and reflect you and your loved ones with savor in the soothing sounds and views of the four trout ponds. Designed to offer habitat to sustain all age classes of trout.

Permanent Nature Sanctuary 

The Reserve offers a sanctuary to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Buena Vista watershed. It is a 100 acre planned community of which one third of the property has been set aside as a permanent nature sanctuary protecting the Creeks, its wooded wetlands, great horned owls and other wildlife. All home sites are connected to the Buena Vista Sanitation districts central sewer system.

Located just 6 minutes from downtown Buena Vista, Colorado. Situated around fifteen 14,000 foot mountains.

A family, friend and neighbor welcoming community.
The Reserve affords a family and friend private retreat that is situated among Colorado's highest peaks. Yet, it offers the true sense of community. We have annual events, informal get together's and random opportunities for you to gather together with your neighbors. Plus, the Reserve is governed by its community elected board of directors thus enabling a transparent and cooperative homeowners association.

The 1250 square foot pavilion offers a perfect setting for your private event or our community gatherings. We have had weddings, lectures, birthday parties, barbecues, and simple neighbor get togethers over an evening fire.

The adventurous playground offers a fenced and fun place for children and grand children to play. Situated next to the Pavilion and nearby ponds it allows adults to be nearby yet also enjoy the natural splendor surrounding the playground. Thus enabling all sorts of adventures and community interactions.

Residents and lot owners who moved to and/or visit the Reserve are surprised at how open and like minded their neighbors are. We all independently came to the Reserve for the Colorado mountain escape and adventures. Yet, we are all connected and often schedule all sorts of random get together's. Such as Mountain hikes, walks, camp fire events, and even local wine tastings, cooking classes, yoga classes and dinner or lunch gatherings. Annually we hold a Refresh the Reserve event.

The Reserve is a 100 acre planned community with 32 acres of protected open space. It offers an ideal setting for your own exclusive special events such as weddings, birthday parties, or corporate, family or friend special events etc.. It also allows plenty of space for solitude with thoughtful reflection and a re-connection with nature, the mountains, wildlife and the soothing sounds of the creeks. The Reserve is home to great horned owls, deer, elk, the occasional bear and wild turkeys!

The Reserve at Cottonwood Creek Homeowners Association is managed by volunteers and elected by its members. The board of directors that are elected are either lot or home owners. New board members are elected each year as past board members rotate out. It is a very fair, transparent and effective system. No other entities manage the Reserve therefore it is a holistically operated HOA. Minutes of all meetings are circulated to the entire membership. Annual meetings are held each January.

The Reserve at Cottonwood Creek